Borderless culture, driven by ethics, value and creativity.

let’s bring your idea into reality!

Borderless culture, driven by ethics, value and creativity.

Resser is redefining what nearshore is by staying hyper connected with our customers, friends and partners. Our HQ is privileged to be in Guadalajara, the Mexican Silicon Valley, this way we can deliver great value to our customers by working with the best talent in the country.
Great cultural affinity With LATAM, USA and Canada.
The best and prepared full stack engineers in Mexico.
Best hourly rate maintaining great life quality for our teams.

The shortest air planes routes for the USA and CANADA.

We have our own IOT device fabric onsite.

sqft HQ

connected devices

lines of code per month

sqft HQ

lines of code per month

connected devices

How we love to work

Dedicated Team

We are fully committed to assign a complete team of experts for every project, starting from: Project Leaders/Management & Operations, Development, Delivery, Design and Testing. We love working with your vision, empathising with your business idea and creating meaningful connections with your team.

Our compliance to agile methodologies let’s us aim for a high % success rate through our portfolio of projects in development. You are an important part of our team! We give you the tools for project traceability and assign you the role of Stakeholder / Product Owner to solve problems efficiently.

Staff Augmentation

We can be an extension of your IT department! If you are stuck in a project or deadline driven project, we can help you get to the finish line as fast as possible, but with the Quality Standards defined by your team.

We have been forming leaders in the last ten years, with experience as PMs in the next customer segments:

  • Fleet management, Logistics, MaaS, Insurance companies, Car dealers & OEMs, Leasing companies (Full Service / Rental), and more…

Standardisation & Fixed Cost Pricing

CMMI will facilitate the monitoring of your project: from taking and understanding your requirements to estimating costs in the most feasible way.

We can work with a fixed monthly fee rate for a SaaS ( Software as a service) development.

Struggling with budget planning? No problem! When working with a reliable project we can finance your kick-off development costs and provide you with all tools and development in a monthly fee.

We are certified and believe in different international standards!

Amazing culture
Financial security
Reliable and predictable systems
Cost and time efficiency.

Meet our team. We are passionate about technology!

We’ve achieved great milestones since 1985

  • We designed the first vehicle Anti-Theft System in Mexico.
  • SkyAlarm

    First satellite activation system in Mexico, released in strategic alliance with Grupo Nacional Provincial and SkyTel.
  • Inmovi-Resser SAT

    First Smart Immobilizer. Sales record over 214,000 units for the insurance sector.
  • RessQ RF

    Recovery system for stolen vehicles developed in alliance with Grupo Nacional Provincial with more than 30,000 devices installed.
  • Misión Crítica

    First specific satellite tracking system for police units.
  • D-Sensor

    The world's first digital diesel measurement system that reports accurate liters in real time, compensating for inclination and waves.

    Sophisticated “Big Data” technology for processing large volumes of data for the detection of behavior patterns and risk management.
  • Creation of ERP focused on IoT, providing operational value by improving installation reaction times nationwide and device maintenance in real time.

  • ISO9001: 2015

    ISO9001: 2015 certification for installation, marketing and vehicle recovery of using telemetry devices.
  • National installation network up to 56 cities.
  • Fund received from the Mexican government in support of innovation, for the creation of a telemetry device with a high % recovery in case of theft.
  • Find My KIA

    Strategic alliance with Kia Motors Mexico for the development of Find My Kia.
  • Government fund for CMMI certification focused on Software development.
  • The first quarter of 2019 we achieved a historical record with Siliant Security of 92% of recovered vehicles.