What is the best GPS equipment?
July 24, 2020

When evaluating a GPS device, it is essential to consider two main factors: Where and what is it going to be used for?

Mobile network

It is recommended the network be 3G because it currently has the highest coverage, although it has the disadvantage of requiring higher energy consumption.

Driving behaviour

This function is mainly effective to understand the driving patterns of drivers, which is useful when choosing, for example, who should transport fragile cargo.

Battery life

The battery life may be an important factor depending on how the device is used, for example, for a vehicle that will have many long road trips, it is expected to have the GPS energized by the vehicle’s battery.

Notifications Management

All GPS devices must have at least the basic notifications (Ignition on / off, low battery, power outages)

Speed Histogram

This function works with the Driving Behaviour, since it allows to know the speed intervals vs travel time, an useful business intelligence application.

Built-in sensors

Some GPS devices have internal sensors that allow measurements of temperature, barometric pressure, accelerometer, humidity, light intensity, etc.

IP protection

In many different scenarios the GPS device will be subject to difficult environmental conditions. It is essential that it has the international standard CEI 60529-Degrees of Protection to ensure that it continues to operate.

Size and design

This factor is important especially for hiding purposes, the more compact its design the installation possibilities are extended.

Simple installation

GPS installation needs to be practical, not invasive, easier to replace it in case of any failure or damage. The goal is to avoid affecting the vehicle’s warranty.

Energy saving mode

GPS devices designed to be connected to the vehicle’s battery must have a mechanism that allows energy saving (hibernation), prolonging the life cycle of the battery.

Report retrieval

It is highly recommended for the GPS device to have memory to store reports. To understand the impact of this feature, let’s take a vehicle theft as an example. On some occasions vehicle thefts are done with the help of a jammer (device that blocks communication networks), this implies that the GPS is left without network coverage and is unable to send its location in real time, however, once the GPS is out of range of the jammer, it will immediately send all the previous locations, allowing fine tracking from the point where the theft was made to the last location of the device, also improving the chances of recovering the vehicle.

With this we have a clearer idea about what details or characteristics must be taken into account when choosing a device. Knowing this is a key factor so that, within the investment that we want to make, we can find the best solution and do not end up with a device that does not offer what we need for our operation.

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