Cybersecurity in the new normal

There is no doubt that 2020 was a year that has left great changes due to the start of the pandemic. It was also a year of consequences for all aspects of society.

One of them was the importance and relevance that cybersecurity took in different organizations as well as in people. Due to the consequence of the increase in cyber-attacks, which resulted from the accelerated implementation of remote working, where companies were forced to establish new cybersecurity measures outside their offices.

But what is expected in relation to cybersecurity? The answer is simple: major trends in different aspects to this topic. Because of this, during this article, we will show you some of them.

Artificial intelligence


With artificial intelligence, the identification of new threats and their responses can be drastically accelerated, helping to stop attacks before they can spread. As a result, some companies dedicated to cybersecurity are already working on artificial intelligence-based solutions to provide a higher level of security to others, thus helping them to prevent any type of cyberattack.



The digital identity and data integrity maintenance associated with blockchain is today a promising innovation that goes in the direction of helping companies to better face the challenges of digital risk.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, the secure storage of data can be guaranteed through its decentralization and encrypted information.

Remote authentication

Due to the increase in remote working derived from the pandemic, remote authentication solutions have increased and will continue to increase exponentially, since it is necessary to know at all times who and when has accessed company information.

The idea is to strengthen the routes and forms of access, as well as the networks of devices used by employees both inside and outside the offices. This is to prevent hackers from having any kind of facility to access the private information of the organization.



More and more companies are working in the cloud thanks to its many advantages, such as collaborative work remotely or in person. Because of this, security specialists are implementing part of their efforts in strengthening infrastructures to ensure the security of cloud computing and prevent data leakage and hijacking, especially in the face of malicious code attacks, such as ransomware.

Internet Of Things

Internet of things is present in our lives, and there are more and more devices that surround us and work through the internet and new technologies, which allow us to facilitate our daily tasks.

As a result, the number of devices vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks is also increasing. Every device connected to an IoT network is a potential opportunity for cybercriminals. Because of this, many efforts are expected to be made to strengthen IoT networks, so that they do not stop their powerful growth.

Better to be safe than sorry

Because of the 2020 pandemic, people’s lives began to be in the online world, both professionally and personally, at the same time that the digital transformation was accelerating.

For this reason, organizations must better prepare for what is to come soon to reduce security risks while trying to prosper and remain competitive. That’s why they should start to think innovatively and consider the main Cybersecurity trends.

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