8 essential points to evaluate a Fleet Management System.

Fleet Management System optimizes transport performance at all stages of its operation, providing reliable data for decision-making and a higher level of control over vehicles and their fuel load.

For this reason, a Fleet Management System must help companies to have a deep understanding of how their business works. For this, the technology used must excel in its ability to collect and present in a versatile and attractive way all kinds of data about the vehicles, fuel load, drivers, and documentation.

We invite you to make the following checklist that will allow you to evaluate and determine the Fleet Management System you need.


  • Is it compatible with all vehicles in your fleet?

It is important to have a comprehensive Fleet Management System, able to connect each of your vehicles to make rigorous monitoring of their activities.

  • Is it a scalable service?

A professional solution integrates naturally into all types of fleets, and always contemplates the scalability of the service, facilitating the incorporation of new units and integrating third-party GPS devices into its platform.

  • Does the service include customizable and detailed reports?

The volume of information generated by fleet management systems is too much. Therefore, it must include detailed, customizable, and visually attractive reports, to facilitate analysis and decision-making.

  • Does the device have security functions?

Protecting drivers, fuel load, and vehicles is a growing need. For this reason, the integral Fleet Management System must include functions that expand the response capacity of companies in the event of insecurity or road accidents.

  • Can you use the service to know the driving habits of your drivers?

Speed, overheating, hard braking, and acceleration can lead to increased fuel consumption, wear on tires, or cause accidents. Therefore, the Fleet Management System facilitates the monitoring of each driver’s driving style.

  • Can you monitor fuel consumption?

Monitoring the fuel consumption allows you to detect bad driving habits ​or malfunction of the engine, so it is essential that the Fleet Management System record this data and include them in performance reports for each car.

  • How does the service provider work?

When contracting comprehensive fleet management and monitoring service, the quality of the relationship with the supplier is decisive. A provider that acts as a strategic partner allows you to take better advantage of the characteristics of the service.

  • Do you have more than one access to the platform?

To be always aware of the status of your fleet, the management platform must be accessible from different devices and at any time.

Undoubtedly … Vehicle fleet management is a task that involves making a lot of decisions every day. That is why Fleet Managers aspire to achieve efficiencies and savings, but first they must make the best decisions to do so.

Today there are numerous Fleet Management Systems or service providers, however, not all of them have the expertise or the truly innovative technology that you really need. For this reason, choosing the right Fleet Management System for your company is very important.

That’s why at Resser we help you and provide you with innovative solutions that will allow you to efficiently manage all your fleets.


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