Revolutionizing the automotive industry with the help of the IoT

You may have heard the term Internet of Things (IoT). This is because it has become a tool that has been transforming the lives of both people and companies, including the automotive industry. After all, it has always been at the top when it comes to innovation.

Next, you will learn more about the Internet of Things and how this industry is taking full advantage of this technology.

Overview of the IoT

The first thing we must know is the notion of the Internet of Things. This concept is used to refer to the connection of most technological devices to the network. Many of them exchange information to facilitate or create various actions. Others allow speed up daily actions.

For the Internet of Things to be possible, it is necessary to combine three factors: devices, network, and control system.

How is the internet of things applied in the automotive sector?

No one doubts that IoT is exponentially changing the way we live and coexist with machines. This can be reflected very well in the automotive industry, which is where some of the biggest innovations that we can see in connected and autonomous vehicles are being developed and implemented.

This industry has achieved the modernization of navigation and GPS systems integrated into vehicles. The route according to weather conditions, traffic and roads, nearby gas stations or repair sites, even connection via smartphones, and other similar advances are some of the many examples.

In addition, through this technology, the car will generate a series of alerts that can range from activating alarms in case of accidents and speed limits, evaluating the general behavior of the vehicle, analyzing ways of driving, as well as allowing its geolocation in real-time and even generating geofences.

A promising future

After more than 100 years of offline cars, why connect them now? The reasons are many. From “why mobile connectivity allows us to do it for the first time” to the promise of greater energy efficiency and increased road safety. 

Undoubtedly, smart vehicles are becoming the threshold of the new paradigm of the automotive industry: a car connected to everything, and capable of understanding what is happening around it.

This type of connectivity will allow what many of us dream of, an accident-free, stress-free, and emission-free driving, which translates into greater road safety, environmental improvement, mainly in cities, and in making our lives easier when it comes to driving, parking, moving, and making better use of our time.  

Increasingly connected and autonomous cars

Connectivity is going to change our conception of mobility and, therefore, the automotive industry. The prototypes of vehicles with different degrees of autonomy are already something as real as the connected car.

However, there is still a long way to go. It is expected that, by 2025, when vehicles and the Internet of Things are inseparable, there will be more than half a million fully autonomous cars on the roads. Can you imagine this?

As the IoT evolves in the automotive sector, it will also be necessary to have software that has innovative technology, which allows the administration, management, and security of vehicles always and from the palm of your hand. With this in mind, at Resser we are constantly developing innovative solutions adapted to your needs, which allow you to experience great results.

So, buckle up to start the journey to true technological transformation.

You’re a click away from growing your business through software development.

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