Siliant is an LIS (Logistics Intelligence System) oriented to the safety of your fleet.

Reduce fuel theft, minimize operation costs and protect your most valuable resources.

Reduce fuel theft and consumption by 6%

Siliant integrates multiple functions such as high precision fuel level sensor syncronized with a real odometer to detect and prevent excessive fuel consumption and fuel theft; automatic alerts will be generated every time the vehicle stops in a place identified as a “Fuel theft station” (Cachimba).

90% recovery rate on fleet vehicles

Our system its supported with a 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Center operating Nation Wide.

Minimize operation costs with a single click

Siliant offers multiple automated reports, such as punctuality report, visits to clients report detailing travel time and visit time, fuel consumption, etc. Thanks to these reports, now its possible to save up to 200 man hours per month.


Siliant, created to meet requirements

Our engineers developed the ideal platform for your operation, based on all the good ideas received from the customers who are the real experts operating their fleets. You can choose between the multiple existing modules or invite our developers to design a custom module or additional feature specially for you to meet your requirements.

Some of our operation modules:

  • Geo-fences and Geo-routes
  • Fuel consumption pattern and fuel level
  • Visit to clients reports
  • Traceability of refrigerated cargoes
  • Cold chain control
  • Maintenance control

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