The revolution of the technology trends of 2022
January 3, 2022
Ricardo Meneces

In 2021, we all witnessed important technological advances and contributions to society and companies. Some examples of these are the vaccines for Covid-19; the innovative technology that we saw at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, for example, robots with IA, wearable tech, 3D athlete tracking,  autonomous cars; synthetic meat, the metaverse already as a reality, among other things that make us think that indeed, the world is advancing at accelerated steps.

However, we can ask ourselves: What can we expect from the year 2022? There will be no doubt that, just like last year, technology will be an essential piece. With this in mind, here are some technology trends for 2022:

tecnologías 2022

Technology promises


The technological trends that we can observe for 2022 will help companies stay ahead in all aspects, from collaborative work, improvement in processes, security, the scope of information, etc.

So, according to experts from the IT world and the most recent report from Gartner, some of the most anticipated technologies will be:

Cibersecurity mesh

Cybersecurity has always been an important topic for both users and companies because confidential information of great value is at stake. During 2020 and 2021, there were many attacks by cybercriminals. That’s why for 2022, we will continue talking about cybersecurity but with a new trend, the cybersecurity mesh.

But what is it? It is a distributed architectural approach, which aims to establish a security perimeter around the identity of an asset or user, no matter where they are.

malla ciberseguridad tendencia tecnológica 2022

AI Engineering

IA Generativa tendencia tecnológica 2022


While Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies that today is of great significance and has advanced by leaps and bounds, by 2022, we will be able to have Generative AI.

This trend is defined as Machine Learning methods, i.e., learning from data concerning some content or object, and from this, using this information obtained creates something new and original. 

Total Experience (TX)

TX? Does it have a relationship with the term UX (User Experience), which has become relevant in the last two years? The answer is yes, even with other disciplines of experience. The Total Experience is the sum of the customer (CX), the employee (EX), the user (UX) as well as the digital (DX) experience. Its objective is to provide better service to customers and users through employees and with the help of technology.

Those companies that integrate TX into their strategies will gain a significant competitive advantage while at the same time improving their KPIs.

total experience tendencia tecnológica 2022

Hyper Automation

hiperautomatización tendencia tecnológica 2022


Although the word sounds complicated and is long at first glance, this technology trend is nothing more than the automation of any business process. It will use a combination of AI tools, Machine Learning, and robotic process automation.

In addition to being able to automate faster and in a better way, you will have relevant information instantly and accurately, improve productivity and have greater compliance with the objectives.




E-commerce is an activity previously used years ago. But as a result of the pandemic, it had exponential growth due to lockdown. Undoubtedly, companies began to migrate to this new modality to offer their products and services.

Now that it is returning to a new normal, the preference for online shopping has caused Mobile Commerce a priority among users. Basically, this trend refers to the buy through mobile devices such as our smartphones or tablets. By 2022, it is expected that the purchasing processes through M-Commerce can improve to offer a better experience for users.


m commerce tendencia tecnológica 2022

Decision Intelligence 

Toma de Decisiones Inteligentes Tendencia Tecnológica 2022


Today, companies must make the best decisions to continue operating and remain competitive. That’s why this trend will help companies manage, evaluate, and improve decisions based on learning and feedback. The Decision Intelligence will allow the companies agility and automation through data, advanced analytics, and AI technology.



Without a doubt, during 2021, we got to hear of this trend. And it is worth mentioning that it is considered one of the most important of the year.

Despite this, it will continue to be part of the 2022 technology trends, bringing improvements and updates. We will see more the integration of Blockchain and IoT, the use of cryptocurrencies by the governments around the world derived from the Blockchain, the Blockchain as a new business model aaS (as a Service), and more.


Blockchain tendencia tecnológica 2022

Software Development

software development tendencia tecnológica 2022


As we mentioned before, companies today are in a technological transformation to remain standing and offer the best service for their customers, both internal and external.

That’s why this trend will continue to have high relevance in 2022, to help companies in the design and development of software that adapt to their needs.

The true technological transformation is on the way

While companies are now implementing technology for internal and external operations, some are still afraid or uncertain about this topic. However, it will be essential they consider technology as something fundamental if they want to stay afloat.

As you may have realized, there will be many trends in 2022. Some will be new, and some will improve. These will not only be of benefit to users but will also generate opportunities for companies.

At Resser, we are aware of the importance of technology in our life and business. With this in mind, we are innovating every day, offering our customers the best solutions that allow them to stay competitive, achieve their objectives, and experience the best results.

Escrito por: Ricardo Meneses 

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